Yes, i did it!

Last year when Gary Young passed away i was in deep grief. The man i admire so much left us. I still wanted to learn so much more from him but i also knew he left us with an incredible gift. He is looking after us with essential oils. 

Gary Young was the undisputed leader of the global essential oil movement. He spent 35 years studying the benefits and perfecting the extraction of essential oils. His commitment to physical and emotional wellbeing, combined with his lifelong love of nature, drove him to learn everything about essential oils- from how they are produced to their wellness benefits. He was passionate about providing all of the members with only the highest quality oils, sourced from the farms and Seed tot Seal certified suppliers and partners across the globe, so that millions can enjoy the full benefits of these amazing natural gifts today. 

Gary was a man on a mission with a vision and had no boundaries. He challenged himself every day. Gary always hoped that his example would reach into your heart, and inspire you to set new and higher goals for yourself in the areas of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance….and to have the courage to go out and achieve your dreams and goals.

When he passed away i said to myself that i would like to challenge myself to a higher goal.
I’m taking care of my health with essential oils and other products from Young Living and with eating healthy and meditation and yoga but there was one thing not high on my list and that was working out. I wanted to challenge myself and signed up for the urban trail run. So i started to run.

Gary Young teached me that can’t is not in his dictionary. You can always. Look for solutions, the best way to accomplish a goal. You also can take small steps and i did a small step and finished. I’m so proud!!! Next year i will set another goal. We keep Gary’s flame growing brigther every day. 
Thank you Gary. 

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